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Weiser Antiquarian Books, February 2013.

Catalogue Archive Page.

About Our "On-Line Catalogues."

This is Weiser's eighty-ninth year of business as full time specialist sellers of esoteric books. For many decades the company issued printed catalogues, however, the high costs involved and the advent of the internet brought an end to these, and for some years we only listed our books on various internet book-sites and directly on to our own website. In January 2006 will also began to issue regular on-line catalogues devoted to various of our specialist subjects, as well as regular "miscellany" lists.

Whilst we regularly add stock to the 10,000 books currently listed on our main website these special on-line catalogues give us the opportunity to present collections or groups of related items in a more detailed and sympathetic context than the normal website allows, and also enable us to give our established customers first choice at some of the more interesting new arrivals. Most of the catalogues are put together around the works of a particular author or theme: say books by Aleister Crowley or books on Alchemy for example, although others might simply list a selection of new arrivals, or books that have come from a specific collection. The items in the catalogues are not advertised elsewhere - in the main body of our website or on other bookselling sites - for at least a day after the new catalogue has been posted on-line. If you are not already on our "subscriber's list" and would like to be notified by email when we post a new catalogue on-line, please send an email with 'subscribe' in the subject line to books@weiserantiquarian.com Of course susbscription is free and you can have your name removed from the list at any time simply by asking, and we will not re-supply your details to anyone.

For a time we archived all of our old catalogues on-line, however this lead to some confusion and disappointment amongst those who find their way to the site indirectly - via google for example - and did not realise that they were looking at archived listings and not our main website or the current on-line catalogue. To try to minimise possible misunderstandings, we now archive only our most recent five catalogues. At the time of archiving them we have marked off all the items that have already SOLD, and replaced prices of the remaining items with the words "Please check our website for current availability." If an item is marked this way but is not listed on our main website: http://www.weiserantiquarian.com it is probably safe to assume that it has sold, however you can always send us an enquiry by email, or phone us to be sure. If doing this, please tell us the item's author, title, and the 'unique book number' (the number in brackets at the end of the listing).

At present we issue about two catalogues a month, with occasional email updates of new-releases etc. Again, to received notifications of these catalogues and other updates simply send us an email with "subscribe" in the subject line to books@weiserantiquarian.com

A full list of our earlier on-line catalogues can be found below.

To see all books that are currently available, please go to our website http://www.weiserantiquarian.com where we have a searchable database of over 10,000 used and rare books, letters, manuscripts, and artworks that we currently have available for sale.

Archived Copies of our most recent six "On-Line Catalogues."
(In reverse order, with the most recent catalogue first)

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: Witchcraft. Used and Rare Books.

The one hundred and twentieth-ninth of our on-line catalogues was another of our Witchcraft catalogues, with most of the works listed relating to "The Western Witchcraft Tradition," spanning the period from the late Middle-Ages, through the European and American witch trials, and on to the witchcraft revival of the twentieth century. The majority of the items listed are quite modestly priced used books from the second half of the twentieth century, although there are some rarities scattered throughout.

Amongst the more unusual works included are a first edition of John Ashton's The Devil in Britain and America (1896), in which the author went out of his way to draw from fresh sources, and included a frontispiece purporting to be "a facsimile of the only known specimen of the devil's handwriting"; an attractive early edition of Joseph Glanvil's Sadducismus Triumphatus: Or, A full and plain Evidence, Concerning Witches and Apparitions (fourth edition, 1726), perhaps the most influential book of its time in English to argue the realities and dangers of the witch phenomenon; and a charming set of Edmund Goldsmid's translation The History of the Devils of Loudun (1887 - 1888) the first English language edition of this "eye-witness" account of the madness and mayhem that followed the tales of sorcery and demonic possession in a seventeenth century Loudun convent. Significant works in the history of the modern witchcraft revival include a first edition of Charles G. Leland's Aradia, or The Gospel of the Witches of Italy (1899), a work said by many to have been the starting point of the modern witchcraft revival; Margaret Murray's The God of the Witches (1933) in which she expanded her theory that witches had traditionally worshipped a Horned God whose origins went back to ancient times; and a lovely copy of the true first edition of Gerald B. Gardner's landmark work Witchcraft Today (1954). One of the more curious books is a striking copy of William Meinhold's Mary Schweidler, the Amber Witch. The Most Interesting Trial for Witchcraft ever known (Limited edition 1903) an account, supposedly from an old manuscript, of a 17th century German girl who was falsely accused and convicted of witchcraft that was later said by Meinhold to be fraudulent, although many refused to accept that the story was indeed a hoax as it appeared to be so authentic in all its detail.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Eight: Aleister Crowley: Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

The one hundred-and-twenty-eighth of our on-line catalogues, was another of our specialised Aleister Crowley lists.

The catalogue comprises a typically mixed selection, from rare books and ephemera, to relatively recent reprints of material by or relating to Aleister Crowley. Amongst the more unusual items are an autograph letter, signed, from Crowley to his physician, Dr. Charnock Smith, sent from his rooms in Netherwood, in 1945, in which Crowley laments the loss of a delivery of pharmaceutical heroin, and requests new supplies, as well as sleeping pills. Another extraordinary ephemeral item is an astrological chart prepared by Aleister Crowley for the Cecil Court Bookseller Harold Mortlake which is drawn on the verso of a proof pull of Crowley's Liber Oz, whilst an autograph letter signed, from Crowley's rather notorious friend, Tom Driberg to the "artist executant of" the "Thoth" tarot Frieda Lady Harris, (1937) reminds us how intertwined his circle of friends often was. Later ephemeral items include a nicely-produced announcement, printed by W. T. Smith, & Helen Parsons Smith: Notice. The Church of Thelema is Now Established (1949), whilst a crudely produced flyer "Into Aleister Crowley?! Why not visit his Magical Order the O.T.O. [etc. ]" (circa 1979), and the Crowleymas 1980 e.v. Souvenir Songbook recall the early days of the then-Caliphate O.T.O. More substantial items include a handsomely bound early typescript of Liber Aleph: The Book of Wisdom or Folly, prepared for one of Crowley's British followers (ca. 1940), a superb copy of the first edition of Moonchild, in the original Beresford Egan dust jacket, and a Subscriber's Edition of Magick In Theory and Practice (ca. 1930) which has, tipped in on the front free end paper, a telegram to Crowley on which he has written what is certainly the largest example of Crowley's signature that we have ever seen (some letters are 1 1/2 inches high and the signature is 6 inches across).

Aside from a number of works from Crowley's lifetime there are also some most unusual posthumous publications. These include a deluxe copy of the Karl Germer and Gerald Yorke edition of 777 Revised (1955) bound in full crimson vellum and limited to 12 numbered copies; one of only eleven copies of the first issue of the Martin P. Starr edition of The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz (1991) bound in full white vellum; a copy of Roll Away The Stone: An Introduction to Aleister Crowley's Essays on the Psychology of Hashish (1968) inscribed by the editor Israel Regardie, and the leather deluxe edition of Living Thelema by David Shoemaker, limited to 31 numbered copies, this copy signed by the author. As usual there are too many other unusual items to summarise in a short space like this, but the catalogue also contains a number of interesting periodicals, including Volume I, Numbers I - 8 of In The Continuum by Phyllis Seckler, Grady L. McMurtry et al, and a complete run of 7 issues (all published) of Agapé. The Occult Review.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Seven: Things that go Bump in the Night. Ghosts, Ghouls and Spectres: A Halloween Miscellany.

The one-hundred-and-twenty-seventh of our on-line catalogues was issued shortly before Halloween, 2014. As most reading this will probably know, Halloween is commonly thought to have evolved from Samhain, the pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead, a time at which some ghosts were said to come forth from their usual repose and mingle with (and sometimes terrify) the living. In recognition of this haunting festival, this catalogue is broadly focussed on "Ghosts, Ghouls and Spectres" and related phenomena. The majority of books listed are allegedly-true accounts of ghosts and hauntings, with the rest of the works addressing such subjects as the theory of apparitions and the lives of those who investigated them. Interspersed throughout are a few collections of ghost fiction.

While many of the books listed are quite modestly-priced modern works, there are also a number of genuine rarities scattered throughout. These include the anonymously-published A Relation of the Strange Apparition of the five Jesuits lately executed at Tyburn upon the account of treason (1680); Thomas Bromhall's occult compendium A Treatise of Specters, or, An History of Apparitions, Oracles, Prophecies, and Predictions, with Dreams, Visions and Revelations and the Cunning Delusions of the Devil ... (1658); and Richard Wilkinson's curious broadsheet A True and Perfect Relation of Elizabeth Freeman of Bishops-Hatfield in the county of Hertford, of a strange and wonderful apparition which appeared to her several times, and commanded her to declare a message to his Most Sacred Majesty... (1680). Other rarities include, Major Edward Moor's, Bealings Bells: An Account of the Mysterious Ringing of Bells at Great Bealings, Suffolk, in 1834... (1841); an extremely scarce work entitled Phantasmagoria or Authentic Relations of the Most Remarkable Apparitions, Visions and Dreams (1805?) which is attributed simply to one "W.H.F."; The Haunted House at Willington, Northumberland: A Metrical Legend ... (Second Edition - 1849), which was apparently the work of one George Daniel, and William Ogilvie and Elizabeth Steuart's Narrative of four Conferences between the Ghost of Mr. Maxwell, of Coul, and the Rev. Mr. Ogilvie, Minister of Innerwick (1808). More recent rarities include what is arguably the rarest book published by ghost-hunter Harry Price, his Christmas Ghosts (1949), an unusual copy in dustjacket, of Harry Price, & R. S Lambert's truly bizarre account of a house plagued by a poltergeist in the form of a talking mongoose: The Haunting of Cashen's Gap (1936); and a copy of Paul Tabori's, Harry Price: The Biography of a Ghost-hunter (1950) inscribed by Price-associate, fellow author, and psychical researcher, Trevor Hall. It probably goes without saying, but so many of the other books in this catalogue are genuinely rare or unusual that it is impossible to even reference them in a short space as this, and a leisurely browse through the listings is sure to reveal other equal, if not greater treasures than those already mentioned.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Six: Israel Regardie and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Used and Rare Books (Part II).

The one-hundred-and-twenty-sixth of our on-line catalogues was the second of two devoted to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as well as various of its offshoots including the Independent and Rectified Order R.R. et A.C., the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, and the Stella Matutina. The catalogue also includes a good selection of works by one of the most famous initiates of the Stella Matutina, Israel Regardie, whose experience within that Order led to the publication of his landmark compilation, The Golden Dawn, An Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and was reflected in many of his own writings.

The majority of the books are from the library of a well-known English book-collector who is downsizing due to chronic lack of shelf (and floor) space. The collection includes many of the standard studies of the Golden Dawn, historical, theoretical and practical, by a variety of well-known authors including R. A. Gilbert, Ellic Howe, R. A. Torrens, Chic & Tabatha Cicero, Darcy Kuntz, Pat Zalewski, and others, as well as various works by members of the original Order. Aside from mostly being in pristine condition, the books are distinguished by the fact that many are signed or inscribed by their authors or editors.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Five: Used and Rare Books.
A Miscellany.

The one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth of our on-line catalogues was another of our "miscellany" lists, comprising a typically eclectic selection of mostly recent arrivals. Unlike our usual themed catalogues some of the listings that follow are organised under subject-titles first, which are then followed by the author's name and the book's title (please note that if ordering from our website the best way to locate the book is to search for the unique book number, which is located next to the price in the listing). Needless to say the selection of "subject" is at best rather arbitrary, and subjects often overlap, meaning that - for example - books on alchemy are by no means found exclusively under the "alchemy" heading. The subjects, and some of the authors, are:

Alchemy, Ancient Greek Religion and Magic, Astral Projection, Babylonian Magic, Aubrey Beardsley, Clifford Whittingham Beers, Wilbur D. Birdwood, Book of Enoch, Byzantine Magic, Byzantium, Cartomancy, Celibacy - Religious, Cheiro, Moncure Daniel Conway, Cretan Cults, John Dee, Thomas De Quincey, Demonic Possession, Demonology, The Devil, Edda, Druids, Charles Alexander Eastman, Egyptian Religion, Eric Ericson, Gnosticism, Arthur Guirdham, Gwalior, Sven Hedin, Hell, Herodotus, William James, C. G. Jung, Joan Grant & Denys Kelsey, Robert Kirk, C. G. Jung, J. Krishnamurti, Paul Oskar Kristeller, Sir Ray Lankester, John Layard, Eliphas Levi, Mary L. Lewes, Vladimir Lossky, Machu Picchu, Magic: History, Sir James Marchant, Medicine, Mysticism, Mythology, Occultism, Nagarjuna, Orpheus, Palestine, Platonism, Porphyry, Morton Prince, Sax Rohmer, Sacred Geometry, Satanism, Semitic Myth and Religion, Sexual Folklore, William F. Skene, Timothy D'Arch Smith, Oswald Spengler, Spiritualism, Montague Summers, Supernatural Fiction, Tarot, John F. Thomas, Keith Thomas, Lynn Thorndike, Johannes Trithemius, Voodoo, Arthur Edward Waite, Alan Watts, Witchcraft.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Four: Spiritualism, the Occult, and Psychical Research.
Used and Rare Books.

The one hundred-and-twenty-fourth of our on-line catalogues is the first of a number of lists featuring books on Spiritualism, the Occult, and Psychical Research from the library of the late Dr. Michael Coleman, an English scientist, author and researcher who was also an avid book-collector with a life-long interest in these subjects.

The collection is particularly strong in signed, inscribed, and association copies. Perhaps the most extraordinary of these is a copy of a work attributed to: "H!!!!! " [Rev. H. R. Haweis?], Not Silent - If Dead - Through the Mediumship of Parma (1912) which purports to have been posthumously signed by its spirit author, who also reveals his identity in a rather shakily penned note on the title-page. More conventionally inscribed books include Eric J. Dingwall, & Trevor H. Hall's Four Modern Ghosts (1958). With a presentation inscription by Trevor Hall, in which he expresses his "regret at seeing no ghost at York, no noises at Selby" and advises that this is "One of 3 advance copies" of the book. An exceedingly scarce study of "the Ghosts of Trianon" (sometimes cited as "The Versailles Time Slip" or "the Moberly-Jourdain Incident"); Landale Johnston's, The Trianon Case: A Review of the Evidence (1945) has a simple pencil inscription "Xmas 1945, from the author" on the front blank.

Perhaps the most poignant of the books is a copy of Sir Oliver Lodge's, Christopher: A Study in Human Personality (1918), a tribute by Lodge and fellow-Spiritualist Winifred Tennant, to her son Christopher, a young British Officer killed in action in 1917, and less directly to all the young men killed in the carnage of the Great War. This copy is simply inscribed (by Winifred Tennant), "from Christopher's Mother, 1927" on the front free endpaper. A copy of Lodge's Making of Man: A Study in Evolution (1924) is inscribed to the scientist, mathematician and controversial Anglican bishop Ernest William Barnes: "To Canon Barnes with the author's friendly regards, [signed] Oliver Lodge. Easter 1924", whilst a copy of Reason and Belief (1911) is inscribed by Sir Oliver Lodge to: "Robert Lodge, with love from the Author. OJL. 4 Dec 1911", the inscription being most likely to Sir Oliver's uncle, Robert, who is mentioned as supplying a watch which Sir Oliver used in an experiment with the medium Mrs. Leonora Piper.

Other rarities include a truly exceptional copy of the first edition of the Autobiography of Emma Hardinge Britten (1900), and a defective, but still charming copy of J. H. Brown's Spectropia; or Surprising Spectral Illusions showing Ghosts Everywhere and of any Colour (1864) in which the author sought to counter the "absurd follies of spiritualism" by presenting a series of optical illusions of ghostly images, with the idea of making the reader more skeptical about other appearances. A different kind of danger associated with Spiritualism – that of imprisonment – is discussed in the Spiritualists' National Union's Report of Deputation from The Spiritualists' National Union to The Home Office, 27th July, 1943 - With appendices containing: The Witchcraft Act, 1735. The Vagrancy Act, 1824. Monck v. Hilton Judgment, 1877 (1944) which was aimed at having material prejudicial to Spiritualists (who were sometimes classed as Fortune Tellers) removed from the Vagrancy Act, and at having the Witchcraft Act (which criminalised the pretense of witchcraft) similarly altered or withdrawn.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Three: Magick and the Occult.
Including Limited and Deluxe Editions from Several Private Collections.

The one hundred-and-twenty-third of our on-line catalogues comprised a varied selection of books - ranging from scholarly editions of mediaeval grimoires to working texts by modern practitioners - gathered from several private collections.

As is well-known, the last two decades have witnessed an upsurge in occult publishing, with many small presses producing limited and deluxe editions, a number of which are both splendid examples of the publisher's craft, and talismans in their own right. This catalogue has an excellent selection of these very special works, including publications by Golden Hoard, Ixaxaar, Scarlet Imprint, Society for Esoteric Endeavour, Teitan Press, Xoanon Publishing and others. Many of the deluxe editions were produced in genuinely tiny editions, often less than 150 copies, and were specially-bound in exotic materials.

Scattered throughout these recent publications are a selection of interesting earlier works, including a charming early nineteenth century edition of Les admirables Secrets d'Albert le Grand, a first edition of the Arthur Edward Waite edited The Mysteries of Magic: A Digest of the Writings of Éliphas Lévi (1886), the Montague Summers edition of Ludovico Maria Sinistrari's Demoniality (1927), the first edition of Leo Vinci's GMICALZOMA! An Enochian Dictionary (1976) which includes the preface by Madeline Montalban that was omitted from later printings; along with various other works.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Two: Aleister Crowley. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

The one hundred-and-twenty-second of our on-line catalogues, was another of our specialised Aleister Crowley lists.

The catalogue comprises our usual mixed selection, ranging from relatively recent reprints to some genuine rarities. Amongst the more unusual books are a copy of what is arguably the most handsome book published by Crowley during his lifetime: The Book of Thoth (1944) limited to 200 signed and numbered copies; as well as a First Edition of The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King (1904) resplendent in a later black full-leather binding; and a copy of The Winged Beetle (1910), limited to 300 numbered copies thus, a work which famously has an alarming and blasphemous alternate meaning encrypted in its dedication. Also unusual are a near-fine copy of Book 4, Part I (1912), a proof copy of The Equinox, Vol. I No V (1911), and a copy of the "leather-bound" issue of the 1981 Thelema Publishing edition of The Book of the Law, limited to 200 copies. Somewhat quirkier items include two original metal printing blocks for the spine and cover titling of the 1976 Thelema publications edition of "The Book of the Law" and a selection of different editions of Leah Sublime, including the infamous Scratch 'n' Sniff Leah Sublime (1996), whose instigator, the appositely pseudonymed Frater Pheremone assured that there really was a scent underneath each of the paper swatches (although perhaps mercifully, whatever odour there was seems unlikely to have survived the passing of time).

A small collection of quite remarkable ephemera, all in Crowley's handwriting, includes some particularly interesting items, such as a picture postcard of "Voo-doo's Bar" in 1930s Berlin sent by Crowley to Colonel J. F. C. Carter, of Scotland Yard, in which he jokes about his own activities as an informant and Carter's concerns for Maria Theresa de Mirimar; and a rough draft of a letter in which "the Beast" accuses a doctor of malpractice, quite possibly on the basis that he had performed abortions, to which Crowley was strongly opposed. Two letters, both signed, from Crowley to Frieda Harris, shed light on their relationship, with one including his musings on his new lodgings, and the other his thoughts on progress with the tarot. A selection of works with contributions by Crowley, includes a number of very scarce magazines with pieces by and about him, including a bound volume of The Idler (1909) which contains the first publication of the short story "The Drug" which was not only the first short story to be sold by Crowley but probably one of the first accounts of a "psychedelic experience" to be published in England.

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Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-One: Austin Osman Spare. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

The one hundred-and-twenty first of our on-line catalogues was devoted to books by and about the remarkable English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare. Whilst preparing this catalogue we happened to look back through our files and discovered that it is just over eight years since we released the first of our catalogues devoted to Spare's life and work, our On-line Catalogue # 4, which we released on May 15th, 2006, the fiftieth anniversary of the death of this extraordinarily talented individual. Although we did not realise it at the time, it was later pointed out to us that our catalogue was probably the first ever bookseller's catalogue to be devoted entirely to works by and about Spare.

We were happy to continue this tradition with Catalogue # 121, which includes examples of most of Spare's own published work along with many significant studies of his life, art and magic. As is well known Spare’s first editions were usually privately published in beautifully-produced limited edition printings, resplendent with his beguiling illustrations and profound and challenging text, and we are pleased to present two of them here, his magical masterwork The Book of Pleasure (Self-Love) The Psychology of Ecstasy (1913), and a signed first edition of his often-enigmatic A Book Of Satyrs (1907). Of course Spare was also well-known as the editor of two sumptuous literary and artistic journals published in the nineteen-teens and 'twenties; Form and The Golden Hind, and the catalogue lists copies of both, including some truly rare issues of Form and some examples of the signed limited edition of The Golden Hind. Even more stunning, though, is a run of issues of a journal called The Bond (1906), which includes a previously unrecorded contribution by Austin Osman Spare. Other treasures include a set of Spare's Surrealist Racing Forecast Cards (one of only 26 known sets), and a copy of one of the rarest early Spare-related titles, Warren Retlaw's The Youth and the Sage (1927). Another magnificent volume is the posthumously-published A Book of Automatic Drawing, of which several variants are offered, including one of the Catalpa Press / Teitan Press reissues, limited to 40 copies, printed on hand-made paper and bound in black quarter-leather, with an original cheque signed by Spare tipped onto the limitation page.

The illustration on the upper right is from A Book Of Satyrs (1907), Item # (47859): in the catalogue.

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A Winter Miscellany.

Catalogue Eighty-Six.
Alchemy and Hermetica. The Publications of Adam McLean.

Catalogue Eighty-Seven.
Aleister Crowley. A Selection of Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue Eighty-Eight.
Faces of the Occult & Mysticism. A Miscellany of Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue Eighty-Nine.
Rosaleen Norton. New, Used and Rare Books.

Catalogue Ninety.
A Miscellany. New, Used and Rare Books.

Catalogue Ninety-One
Aleister Crowley. Books from the Nicholas Bishop-Culpeper Collection (Part I).

Catalogue Ninety-Two
New, Used, and Rare Books. A Miscellany.

Catalogue Ninety-Three
Aleister Crowley. Beastly Biographies and Other Used and Rare Books and Documents.

Catalogue Ninety-Four
Used, and Rare Books. A Miscellany.

Catalogue Ninety-Five
Witchcraft (Mostly Modern).

Catalogue Ninety-Six
Used, and Rare Books. A Winter Miscellany.

Catalogue Ninety-Seven
Aleister Crowley. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue Ninety-Eight
New, Used, and Rare Books. A Miscellany.

Catalogue Ninety-Nine
Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Catalogue One Hundred
Rare and Interesting Books & Ephemera. Including Signed and Inscribed Copies, Limited Editions and Early Printings.

Catalogue One Hundred and One
Aleister Crowley. A Selection of Beastly Books, Magazines, and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Two
New, Used, and Rare Books. A Miscellany.

Catalogue One Hundred and Three
Aleister Crowley and The Book of the Law.

Catalogue One Hundred and Four
Holiday Oddities. A Selection of Used Books. Nothing over $25.00.

Catalogue One Hundred and Five
Hermetica, Leechdoms, Magick, Wortcunning & Assorted Arcana. A Selection of Used & Rare Books.

Catalogue One Hundred and Six
Aleister Crowley: Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Seven
From Black Magic and Mysticism to Serpent Gods and Voodoo. A Selection of Used & Rare Books.

Catalogue One Hundred and Eight
Aleister Crowley, Friends, and Followers. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Nine
That Old Black Magick. Books, Magazines, and Curiosities.

Catalogue One Hundred and Ten
Aleister Crowley: New, Used and Rare Books and Ephemera. Including a Selection of Books from the Library of Wilfred T. Smith.

Catalogue One Hundred and Eleven
Used and Rare Books. September Miscellany, 2013.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twelve
Spiritualism, the Occult, and Psychical Research. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Thirteen
Aleister Crowley: Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Fourteen
Used and Rare Books. A December Miscellany.

Catalogue One Hundred and Fifteen
Astrology: Used and Rare Books.

Catalogue One Hundred and Sixteen
Israel Regardie and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Used and Rare Books.

Catalogue One Hundred and Seventeen
Aleister Crowley and Circle. A Miscellany of Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Eighteen
Used and Rare Books. A Miscellany.

Catalogue One Hundred and Nineteen
Early English Books on Witchcraft and Demonology. From the Library of Dr. Michael Coleman.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty
Witchcraft. Used and Rare Books.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-One
Austin Osman Spare. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Two
Aleister Crowley. Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Three
Aleister Crowley. Magick and the Occult. Including Limited and Deluxe Editions from Several Private Collections.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Four
Spiritualism, the Occult, and Psychical Research. Used and Rare Books.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Five
Used and Rare Books. A Miscellany.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Six
Israel Regardie and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Used and Rare Books (Part II).

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Seven
Things that go Bump in the Night. Ghosts, Ghouls and Spectres: A Halloween Miscellany.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Eight
Aleister Crowley: Used and Rare Books and Ephemera.

Catalogue One Hundred and Twenty-Nine
Witchcraft. Used and Rare Books.


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